Do the canvases come stretched around the frame and ready to hang?

Yes, all of our canvas prints come stretched around the frame and ready to hang upon delivery. 

Sizes Available 

We provide 4 different canvas sizes for custom orders

What kind of frames do you use?

Our frames are made of kiln-dried wood and have a depth of 3cm. These high-quality frames have a raised lip along their edges that prevents indentations from appearing on the canvas photo prints.

What type of canvas goes on the frame?

Our high quality canvases are made from matte cotton with a 360 GSM count. In order to protect your canvas photo prints, we seal them with a coating that makes them resistant to ultraviolet light, dust and water.

What kind of printer is used to make my print?

We use professional, commercial grade printers with certified high quality ink.

How do I keep my canvas photo prints clean?

A vacuum with a brush attachment or a dusting cloth can easily clean your canvas prints. However, please do not use any kind of cleaning liquids to wipe or spray the canvas.

How long can I expect my canvas prints to last?

Provided you keep them free of dust, moisture and direct sunlight, your canvas print can last many, many years.

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