Getting Started

Creating a custom canvas enables you to send us which ever photo you would like to have printed on canvas as long as its quality is sufficient. Examples of some of the photos you can send are:

• You favourite artist 

• Wedding photo

• Holiday photo

• Family photo

• Graduation photo

• Party photo etc.

If you would like to add words to your photo, such as Happy Birthday, Congratulations, quotes, etc, or actually form your photo out of lyrics of your choosing (like the lyrical canvases we sell), simply send us your chosen words/lyrics, along with your photo.

Otherwise, if you simply just want us to provide you with a framing service, just send us your photo and mention you would like no words.

Sizes Available 

We provide 4 different canvas sizes

Photo/Image resolution guide

Please refer to the resolution table below to ensure the photo you send us meets the required resolution associated with the canvas size you select. It is important your photo meets or exceeds the optimal required px (pixel) size to achieve the highest quality print. 


What You Need to Know

Please be aware that apart from the above customisations, we do not accept any other requests to modify or edit photos, such as fixing blemishes or any other modifications which fall outside of our customisation options. 

(Please note we do not create toon custom canvases)

About Our Canvases

Do the canvases come stretched around the frame and ready to hang?

Yes, all of our canvas prints come stretched around the frame and ready to hang upon delivery. 

What kind of frames do you use?

Our frames are made of kiln-dried wood and have a depth of 3cm. These high-quality frames have a raised lip along their edges that prevents indentations from appearing on the canvas photo prints.

What type of canvas goes on the frame?

Our high quality canvases are made from matte cotton with a 360 GSM count. In order to protect your canvas photo prints, we seal them with a coating that makes them resistant to ultraviolet light, dust and water.

What kind of printer is used to make my print?

We use professional commercial grade printers with certified high quality ink.

If you are unable to find an answer to a question you have, please visit our FAQ's page or reach out to us by clicking here


We ship to 40 Countries worldwide, please refer to the table below: